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About Daylily Lay

Daylily Lay is the name of a gardening passion. It's a whimsical name, lest I take myself too seriously.  In Bob Dylan's Lay Lady, Lay there's a "big brass bed."  Here, there's a big grass bed. 

In September 2010, my late wife, Kathy, and I moved to a new place 20 miles west of St. Louis.  We created gardens on a sunny lot of an acre and a half. There's a small lake in back, and there are many ducks and geese there, and one heron. 

We drew up landscape plans as soon as we moved in.  We spent four years developing the landscaping and gardens and then in mid-August of 2014, Kathy died from a cancer of the neck.  Now in October the seed harvest is all but over and my two helpers and I are finishing the final weeding and mulching of the entire garden. 


View of the back yard 2013

The primary joy of this property is the small lake and the waterfowl who use it year-round.

View of the lake from left side 2013

 I grow 800 hybrid daylilies and hope to subtract 100 a year over the next five years.  I want to provide the plants with plenty of space between them. Space promotes enjoyment.  Crowding promotes anxiety.  Early on summer mornings, I'm out there crossing one daylily with another in the hope of producing special new ones. I'm also out with my camera.   Here's a photo montage of the daylilies I've registered.


I register my best hybrids with the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS).  Plants are available only by mail, via internet sales, or through my donations to garden clubs.  I do not operate a nursery here, and there are no direct sales.  Visitors are welcome during bloom season.  Mornings are the best time for seeing the gardens.  Please call ahead.

I am an AHS Judge of the national awards for overall plant performance, a "garden judge" in AHS parlance.  Since 2004 I have served AHS as an instructor of new Garden Judges. A few years ago while serving on the AHS Judges Education Committee, I worked with several others to upgrade the training materials.

Currently I serve serve as President of AHS Region 11, a three-state association of local daylily clubs in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  I also serve on the AHS Ombudsman Committee and am the recipient of the 2012 AHS National Service Award for Region 11.  I enjoy giving talks to garden clubs anywhere in North America.  Recently I have spoken at the Cam-Am Classic in Toronto, at the New England Daylily Society, and at local clubs in southern Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Seed Sales

Each year in November I sell my surplus seeds on The Lily Auction.  I list all the seeds at once and try to move them all in a single two-week period.  Thanks to all my previous customers, and good luck with "our babies." Send me pictures of the ones you keep!

Ordering Information

Please contact me before sending an order, as supplies are limited.  I ship USPS Priority Mail. Postage cost is $10 plus $1 for each additional plant. 

2014 New Hybrids

Ardor GlowingArdor Glowing (Espirit de Corp X Tim Kornder)  Tetraploid 5”, 30”, EV, Midseason, 4 branches, 18 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled, rounded reddish coral orange blend with a citrus medley throat of orange, yellow, and greeen.   $100 double fan
Meeting at the RiverMeeting at the River (((Victorian Days x Chance Encounter) x Butter Cream) X Lavender Heartthrob)  Tetraploid, 6”, 31”, Dor, EM, 4 branches, 18 buds, fertile both ways.  Medium lavender bitone with cream midribs and a butter yellow watermark around a green throat. $75 double fan
Paul's BlessingPaul's Blessing (Rose Masterpiece X Ballerina On Ice)  Tetraploid, 6”, 36”, Dor, EM, 4 branches, 20 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled creamy melon rose pink open form, often reflexed, with grooved midrib of white lavender and a gold to olive throat, color varies with temperature and humidity from pastel to glowing orange chiffon.  $75 double fan
Billie J.Billie J. (Mohican Chief X Betty Fort)  Tetraploid, 5”, 30”, EV, M, 5 branches, 21 buds, fertile both ways.  Intense cardinal red with pale orange halo deep within the yellow to green throat. Excellent plant habit and clump appearance. My best red to date.  $100 double fan

2013 New Hybrids

Electric HorsemanElectric Horseman (Drums Along the Mohawk X Lemon Parchment)   Tetraploid 5.5”, 32”, EV, Midseason, RE, 6 branches, 38 buds, fertile both ways but pods take persistence.  Bluish red grape purple with trail dust underlay and “electric” dark veins radiating out from a smudged dark halo.  Triangular yellow to green throat.  $100 double fan
Maple ButterMaple Butter (Pearl Harbor X Sassy Sally)  Tetraploid, 5.5”, 29”, Dor, EM, 5 branches, 36 buds, fertile both ways.  Ruffled butter yellow with infusion of rose amber across the petals and concentrated around the petal edges.  Green throat. $75 double fan
This Soul of MineThis Soul of Mine (Catalina X Virginia B. Hanson)  Tetraploid, 6", 28", Dor, EM, 5 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled pink alabaster with a gently reflexed surface; muted rouge halo and a silver lavender midrib above a yellow to green throat. $75 double fan
Bison VictoryBison Victory (Vincero! X Deliberate Pace)  Tetraploid, 6", 32", Sev, ML, 5 branches, 34 buds, EMO, FR, fertile both ways. Gently reflexed blend of yellow, apricot, and orange.  Registered and introduced by Mary Baker for the landscaping at North Dakota State University.  $75 double fan.
Mary Dean JinkersonMary Dean Jinkerson (Round Midnight X Bela Lugosi)  Tetraploid, 5", 32", Dor, M, RE, 4 branches, 17 buds, fertile both ways. Rich dark purple with a thin white edge.  Full sib to Abbey Purple with half the bud count compensated by rebloom and much easier pod-setting.  Display only in 2014.

The Beds at Daylily Lay

I maintain photos of most seedlings that are currently under evaluation, plus a page of images from my collection.  Daylily enthusiasts are welcome to use my pictures for educational purposes or on auction sites with photo credit to Michael Bouman.

The Library at Daylily Lay

From time to time I write about daylilies or daylily people. The Library at Daylily Lay is a download area for PDF files of the pieces I have saved.

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