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About Daylily Lay

Daylily Lay is the name of a gardening passion. It's a whimsical name, lest I take myself too seriously.  In Bob Dylan's Lay Lady, Lay there's a "big brass bed."  Here, there's a big grass bed.  My wife Karen helps with the daylilies and manages extensive plantings of many other things to attract birds, butterflies, and bees. 


View of the back yard 2017

The primary joy of this property is the small lake and the waterfowl who use it year-round.

View of the lake from left side 2017

 Karen and I grow 800 varieties of daylilies and have realized we grow hundreds too many!  We want to provide the plants with plenty of space between them. Space promotes enjoyment.  Crowding promotes anxiety.  Early on summer mornings, I'm out there crossing one daylily with another in the hope of producing special new ones.

View from the Right Side 2017

My seedling starter beds are in the forground in ten strips going down the slope to the lake.  After three seasons the "keepers" from each crop of 2000 are moved to another bed and the rest are removed to make room for another crop.  There are always about 6000 seedlings on the slope.

I register my best hybrids with the American Daylily Society (ADS).  Plants are available only by mail via internet sales or through my donations to garden clubs.  I do not operate a nursery, and there are no direct sales.  Visitors are welcome during bloom season.  Mornings are the best time to enjoy the gardens.  Please call ahead.

I enjoy giving talks to garden clubs anywhere in North America. 

Ordering Information

Please contact me before sending an order, as supplies are limited.  I ship USPS Priority Mail. Postage cost is $10 plus $3 for each additional plant. 

2022 Introductions

Chorus of Diplomats picture Chorus of Diplomats*  (2022) (Midnight in Moscow X Totem and Taboo) 5.5, 30, Dor, EM, 4 branches, 24 buds, fertile both ways. Reddish phlox pink with darker veins and an eye of greyed navy showing darker veins above a "citrus medley" throat of orange, yellow, and green. Fine plant stature and form inherited from Midnight in Moscow; colors and latent pattern from Totem and Taboo. Chorus of Diplomats gives an unusually attractive look that's quite pleasing amidst the array of standard colors in a daylily garden. In places where patterned eyezones show well, this may display the spearhead pattern inherited from Totem and Taboo. In my climate I have only seen such a pattern once. $100 double fan.
Color Therapy picture Color Therapy* (2022) (Barbara Mandrell X Billie J.) 5.75, 38, Sev, EM, RE, 3 branches, 19 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled glossy dark red with a medium red watermark and a "citrus medley" throat of orange, yellow, and green. A thrilling flower to see in the garden; makes an impact. A visitor in 2021 who took notes on my entire collection selected the future Color Therapy as one of the four she wanted to take home. It will stop you in your tracks every day you see it. $100 double fan
Delicious Idea picture Delicious Idea* (2022) (Desperate Housewife X Love in a Vacuum)  6, 33, Dor, L to VL, 4 branches, 28 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled dark raspberry with a chalky watermark; with white throat sparks, white picotee, and a green throat. Makes a stunning impact when the bloom season is winding down. $100 double fan
Elevated Manners picture Elevated Manners* (2022) (Butter Cream X ((Omomuki x Self Propelled) x Moment in the Sun)) 7, 36, Dor, Mid, 3 branches, 19 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled medium yellow with a strong green throat has a stand-offish consistency that makes a person wonder. It’s so stuck up, and it’s completely unaware of its failure to fit in with the complacent look of its neighbors. None of the neighbors look like a yellow starfish, after all. $100 double fan
Hazy Blues picture Hazy Blues* (2022) ((City Center x Circuit Breaker) X ((Heartbeat of Heaven x Vertical Horizon) x Reach for the Sky)) 5.5, 36, Dor, Late, RE, 4 branches, 22 buds, pollen fertile. Ruffled lavender purple with prominent darker veins, blue eye, white throat sparks, often overlaid with a veil of blue haze. Green throat. Transmits the hazy blue aspect to its offspring, but it's uncertain whether this trait opens the door to an all-blue daylily. $100 double fan
Holy Flame Bestowing picture Holy Flame Bestowing* (2022) (Deliberate Pace sibling X Mark Alan Carpenter) 7, 28, Dor, ML, 3 branches, 14 buds, fertile both ways. Heavily ruffled bright golden orange with a faint flame red halo above a gold to olive throat. Flowers have a look of spiritual generosity. Makes hefty plants with thick scapes, and creates a massive center of warmth in any garden. $100 double fan
Innocent Man picture Innocent Man* (2022) (Optimisms Flame X Red Fortune) 4.5, 30, Dor, Late, RE, 3-4 branches, 21 buds, easily fertile both ways. Ruffled red of intense color blending into a dark quasi-halo above a green throat. This one turns up the volume of a Billy Joel song and makes you wonder, "innocent of what?" Fine parents from the unindicted reds of Curt Hanson and David Kirchhoff. Proclaims its innocence to the end of the season. $100 double fan
She Drives Me Crazy picture She Drives Me Crazy* (2022) (Ripples and Reflections X Big Eyed Girl) 7, 27, Sev/Dor, EM, RE, 2 branches, 12 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled lavender cream with a big purple eyezone that goes into a crazy good pattern in favorable weather. I have several wonderful keepers from this cross, all somewhat different in personality, but this one shows the most jazz in the eyezone. $100 double fan
Tesuque Blues picture Tesuque Blues* (2022) (Finish the Race X Eenie Meenie Jellybeany) 6.5-7.5, 31-33, Sev, ML, RE, 4 branches, 20 buds, fertile both ways. Cream of broad form with lavender eye and edge and crispate petal tips. Hardy performance from Karol Emmerich's Finish the Race and a "Southern Belle" look from Nicole DeVito's Eenie Meenie Jellybeany. Great plant stature and amazing as a clump. Pronounced teh-SOO-key and named for a village and pueblo just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. $100 double fan

The Library at Daylily Lay

From time to time I write about daylilies or daylily people. The Library at Daylily Lay is a download area for PDF files of the pieces I have saved.

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